OK so slowing down the speed of eating had reduced the amount I ate AND helped me to learn that I didn’t always like the things I thought I did! That was a start but I also realised that slowing down had helped me to become aware of when I was feeling full.

Initially I pushed on past this until everything on my plate was gone – old habits are hard to break and if you don’t eat this “whatever it was” now, who knows when you will be able to eat it again! Over a few months though I started to realise that perhaps I was putting too much on the plate? My family had never been ones for small portions but I think I was the only one who felt I had to clean my plate; just think of all the starving children who would love to eat what I was leaving!

The only thing I started to measure were my portions of pasta and rice; I had decided to follow the principles of the GI diet as far as carbs were concerned – worries about controlling my blood sugar levels for my diabetes were uppermost in my mind. The recommended portion of pasta was 40g uncooked weight. When I measured it out I couldn’t believe it – it was barely worth dirtying a pan to cook such a small amount! Still I’d read the advice to make half the plateful vegetables, greens, carrots etc, (not peas, sweetcorn or potatoes!) and to have a quarter plate of protein and quarter carbs, so I just increased the amount of veggies I was eating. I was amazed to find that it was very satisfying; I was eating plenty but not feeling overstuffed. Even my husband didn’t complain, in fact when we measured out the rice – 50g per portion – it seemed generous.

Adopting these ideas and also putting the food on a smaller dinner plate meant that I was reducing my portion size without feeling as though I was being deprived. I was eating a moderate breakfast of porridge with skimmed milk, a snack mid morning – either a fat free yoghurt with sweetners, some fruit, a few nuts or a portion of a baked treat from the diet cookbook, a sandwich for lunch followed by fruit or yoghurt and then a dinner using the principles above. I started to lose weight slowly – a pound a week – and had more energy. This was great! It inspired me to carry on! Unfortunately life is never straightforward and I had a set back! My next post will explain what happened, how I dealt it and how I managed to overcome the situation to move forward.