Well if you haven’t been minding about your weight loss – or gain – then you probably think there is very little you can do about it. Years of yoyo dieting with good weightloss followed by even more weight gain leave you feeling as though it just doesn’t work for you. I know – 30 years of yoyo dieting left me terrified to even begin trying to lose weight – after all why should this time be any different?

For years I kept saying “if only I could get my head sorted out then I’d lose weight”. After all I ate when I was sad, anxious, stressed, unhappy, angry, happy, so what was going on? I remember reading an article about a fabulous diet where there was no need to feel hungry and I thought, “What has being hungry got to do with eating?” In my experience, hunger was rarely anything to do with eating.

So eventually after being morbidly obese for about 15 years – or maybe even longer – I was diagnosed with diabetes. This should have come as no surprise – I am a registered nurse and I knew that it was very likely to develop. For some reason it really shocked me that I had actually developed this condition! The only member of my family ever diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes previously was my great grandmother who was in her 70s; here I was at 47 with a condition I had thought I might develop in my 60s.

My initial reaction was fairly positive – lose weight, keep it diet controlled, but then after a few months I seemed to go into denial again. I ate what I wanted and took little exercise. Still the diabetes seemed to be ok until December 2009 when my HbA1C – a blood test that measures what your blood sugars have been over a 3 month period – came back at 9.1%. The previous test had been 7.1% and my GP had reasoned that as a one off it probably didn’t require intervention, but 9.1% did! The news came as such a shock – though I don’t know why, I had gained 10lbs in the previous 6 months and was at my heaviest weight ever, my diet was appalling and I had taken no exercise at all. In desperation I asked my GP for a referral to a weight management specialist at the local hospital. The Consultant I saw was amazing – she agreed to refer me to a psychologist to help me deal with the head stuff and I pleaded for 3 months grace to try to get my diet back on track before being prescribed any medication.

My adventure into real, sustainable, long term weight loss was just beginning!